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I'm A Mess
Ed Sheeran - X (Deluxe Version) (981)

song of the day

see the flames inside my eyes, it burns so bright i wanna feel your love. easy baby maybe i’m a liar. but for tonight i wanna fall in love and put your faith in my stomach.” - Ed Sheeran : I’m A Mess

The Man
Ed Sheeran - X (Deluxe Version) (859)

song of the day

it’s only therapy, my thoughts just get ahead of me. eventually i’ll be fine, i know that it was never meant to be.” - Ed Sheeran : The Man

Christina Perri - Head Or Heart (279)

song of the day

so i pray each night you change your mind and maybe i am worth the fight, but i am wrong every time. you only know how to fly.” - Christina Perri : Butterfly

I Don't Wanna Love Somebody Else
A Great Big World - Is There Anybody Out There? (329)

song of the day

i thought that we would be the greatest story that i tell. i know that it’s time to tell you it’s over, but i don’t wanna love somebody else.” - A Great Big World : I Don’t Wanna Love Somebody Else

It Could Be Better
Lewis Watson (169)

song of the day

before i go and say something i don’t mean. yeah, it could be better if i kept it to myself.” - Lewis Watson : It Could Be Better

Your Biggest Mistake
Ellie Goulding - Bright Lights (489)

song of the day

"you tread water, fighting for the air in your lungs. move, move closer. maybe you can right all your wrongs." - Ellie Goulding : Your Biggest Mistake

Take Me To Church
Hozier (39)

song of the day

"take me to church, i’ll worship like a dog at the shrine of your lies. i’ll tell you my sins and you can sharpen your knife." - Hozier : Take Me to Church

Glen Hansard/Marketa Irglova - Once (OST) (109)

song of the day

"so plant the thought and watch it grow. wind it up and let it go." -Glen Hansard : Lies 

Daughter - If You Leave (5,853)

song of the day

"and if you’re in love then you are the lucky one, cause most of us are bitter over someone. setting fire to our insides for fun, to distract our hearts from ever missing them. but i’m forever missing him.” -Daughter : Youth

Kodaline - In a Perfect World (Deluxe) (2,109)

song of the day

"you lift my hear up when the rest of me is down, you enchant me even when you’re not around. if there are boundaries, i will try to knock them down. i’m latching on babe, now i know what i have found." - Kodaline : Latch

Between The Bars
Elliott Smith - Either/Or (1,321)

song of the day

"drink up with me now and forget all about the pressure of days. do what i say and i’ll make you okay, and drive them away, the images stuck in your head." - Elliott Smith : Between the Bars

After the Fall
Kodaline - In a Perfect World (Deluxe) (2,791)

song of the day

"my head is saying this is for the better, i just want you to know. i can’t hold on forever, when all i wanna do is let go." Kodaline : After the Fall

The Wrong Direction
Passenger - All The Little Lights (1,349)

song of the day

"i’d love to feel love but i can’t stand the rejection. i hide behind my jokes as a form of protection. i thought i was close but under further inspection, it seems i’ve been running in the wrong direction." - Passenger : The Wrong Direction

Fall Into These Arms
New Politics - A Bad Girl In Harlem (469)

song of the day

"i kiss better when i’m drunk, sex is best when you’re not in love. though we’ve only met i wanna wake up in your bed. scars are beautiful to me, a heart that beats is a heart that bleeds. on with the show the world is our set, i’ll play montague you’ll be capulet. there’s no tragedy tonight we are alive." - New Politics : Fall Into These Arms

Glory and Gore
Lorde - Pure Heroine (432)

song of the day

"no one round here’s good at keeping their eyes closed. the sun’s starting to light up when we’re walking home. tired little laughs, gold-lie promises, we’ll always win at this." - Lorde : Glory and Gore